Be thankful….


Be Thankful…..for everything!

In light of the recent events of Hurricane Sandy, it is clear that we must all be thankful for everything in our lives. Some us of were fortunate that Sandy was only a major inconvenience. Others not so lucky. I know many that have no homes, no clothing and no cars due to the wrath of Sandy. My heart and prayers go out to all of those in need. You are in my thoughts.

When the storm hit, I found myself sitting alone, in the dark and cold in my undamaged home. My dear friend owns a bagel store in my town. He was able to secure a “generator truck” so he could be open for the community. Every morning at 6AM, I appeared at his back door…waiting for my so needed cup of coffee and my work orders for the day. Whether it was grinding coffee beans, helping with customers or desperately searching for open supply houses for him…I was there, warm and fed!  Friends help friends. So if you know someone who needs some help…pay it will make your heart warm!