It’s 10:45 pm on Friday evening and I am just ending my day. The likelihood of a day with normal working hours seems only to be a faint memory. Last minute events, 11th hour changes and the challenge of finding fabrics, what is one to do?? This used to be a much less stressful business. Well those days are long gone. I am truly thankful for how TableWear has grown. Two years ago, this was only a dream.

Most people don’t understand what is involved to make it all happen. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if only we could wave a magic wand and puff, it’s all done! If it was only that simple!

As the guests arrive at your party, and they admire the breathtaking ambiance, beautiful flowers and table décor..they have no idea how it got there, but somehow it did. It truly is an understatement when I say it takes a village to transform the ordinary into extraordinary!

That’s all for now, time to get some sleep. Starting all again tomorrow….